Saturday, February 16, 2013

Getting a little closer....

I am done with excuses on how bad I am about blogging.....I did want to provide everyone with a little update.

Last week we mailed our dossier (our paperwork) off to "Yasmine's" country.   Once it is translated, it will be submitted on our behalf to the appropriate government agency.   Then we will wait for a signature on a referral that asks us to come meet her.  From various posts - the timing of this process is completely unpredictable.   This is comforting, in that I have no real expectations as to the amount of time we should be waiting, but it is also making me anxious (in an excited way), to find out just how long it will be until I can meet her.  I am trying to keep my excitement in check because I do not want to be disappointed if she runs and hides from me crying.

As for the rest of the family - we are all healthy.   We are getting ready for Ian's annual meetings for his progress and then for his transition to kindergarten...I can't believe he is turning 5 in April.   Speaking of where the time has gone, we just turned in Gabi's schedule requests for her Freshman year!   AND she has started pointing out that she will be 15 in the fall and that she knows kids that have taken driver's training in the fall.  Unless she has been saving money I don't know about - she can learn to drive, but won't have anything to drive anytime soon.   Finally, Xander is finishing his elementary life up this Spring.   We are awaiting the first band concert to see how all the practice has been going.   It should be good!

Please continue to pray for us and our journey to bring "Yasmine" home....we have been feeling all or your support and appreciate it all more than you know.   Also - the end of last month there was a significant increase in our fund....THANK YOU!!!!  God Bless!


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  1. This is exciting! May your adoption journey go smoothly! Sounds like the kids have been busy too.