Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sorry - I never posted this....OOPS! Long awaited day!

So after months of having looked at one picture and a brief description the day had arrived for us to meet our daughter...(not yet technically - but in our hearts).   We had to drive a couple of hours to get to her orphanage.  Upon arriving it looked like the building I had seen in so many pictures....stark and ugly...  We were waiting for what seemed like FOREVER in the playroom and then finally she was brought in!!   My heart melted immediately.   She has changed A LOT from the picture we had of her.   She was not a baby anymore, but a cute toddler.  Her hair was in a pony tail that bounced around when she moved.   She seemed interested in playing with us, but I couldn't help but think what must be going through her head....who are these people that are loving on me?  Why do they keep coming to play?  They seem to want me to smile and be happy....and giggle...

Each day we got to play with her for an hour in the morning and an hour in the late afternoon.   Between the emotions and the jet lag, I pretty much slept between the visits.  Jim just found it totally amusing how wiped I was.

With each day, "Yasmine" seemed to take to us more and more.   She LOVES to sit on me and do "row, row"...she giggles non-stop.

Given that I am not yet able to share her pics - I will tell you that she has the most mesmerizing blue eyes.  They are big and beautiful.   She also has a cute personality that we saw now and then when we were playing.  She is pulling up to stand and will walk if you hold her hand.   I have a feeling she may be walking on her own when we bring her home.  They have a walker they put her in but it is kind of does not stop her at all...she loves to run along and turn.   I can tell that I will need to get in shape in order to keep up with her and Ian:)

Speaking of Ian, up until our trip I wasn't sure whether he had any concept of what was happening; however, I now believe that he has begun to understand that she is part of our family.   He was very protective of some of her toys (Lucky was trying to get them) - NO, "Yasmine's"!!   He talks about her often, and even told us one of the Nascar cars was his and one was hers.   It makes my heart smile to think about how much fun they will have together.

We pray everything left moves quickly so we can go get her!
THANKS for all the prayers and support - We REALLY appreciate it!!
Love, Cathie


  1. Thank you for sharing your love story!
    You are in our prayers,
    God bless,
    Ines and Willy Wallace
    (We are also adopting through Reece's Rainbow)

  2. So happy to read of your trip. Your little girl sounds amazing!!

    Our little girl wasn't walking when we visited, and was walking on our pick up trip, but a couple months home and she was able to walk everywhere!